About Apex


Apex challenges members to become the best version of themselves in order to positively impact the world around them.

Our Members

Roberto Gargurevich
Mauricio Degregori
Kendall Ludlow
Mario Hernandez
Cameron Kelley
Zach Hughes
Kimm Miyahira
Jake Bildstein
Adilene Ramirez
Erin Stephan
Kaleb Womack
Lane Dyer
Robert Mendoza


We look like to do things differently. Whether internally or around campus, we try to do what others haven’t done.

Smile Campaign

Creation Sessions

Group Discussions

Smile Campaign

Smile Campaign

Comfort Zone Challenges

And more…


Apexers are a very special group of people. Every Apexer is expected to contribute to the mission of Apex. Apexers are challenging themselves, failing often, and working on side projects of their own. Apexers take charge when necessary and commit to the task. And ultimately, Apexers are goofy, silly, and never take themselves too seriously.


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Apex brings together a collection of resources that allows individuals to prosper and excel! Check out the Resources that we’ve curated so far.

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