Finding Your Drive and Staying Motivated

In All, Self Mastery by Roberto Gargurevich

We all know when we have come up with a great idea, but it is too often that we find ourselves lacking the motivation to follow through or even take the first step toward bringing our idea to reality. Having experienced this phenomenon myself, I wanted to share some ways to find your drive and stay motivated.

What is your WHY?

It is easy to get excited about our brilliant idea and forget why we had the idea in the first place. Your WHY is the underlying purpose for your idea. Finding your WHY will keep you on track and prevent you from losing sight of what sparked the idea to begin with.

Pay attention to HOW you execute

Sometimes we are so focused on completing a task that we don’t notice HOW we are completing the task. Pay attention to how much effort you are putting into your idea and don’t forget the details. You have to remember that the ends do not justify the means. If after two years of pain, struggling, and constant frustration you become wealthy, would you say you’re all of a sudden successful?

Relive the experience

Go back to the moment your idea was born. Remember how the idea made you feel. This will bring back and keep alive the excitement and drive that you originally felt.

Take Action

Sometimes it takes a little action to increase your motivation. Tackling a big task can be off putting, so break it up into small steps. This makes it easier to get started and keep moving forward. Seeing your idea begin to take shape will confirm your efforts and foster your motivation to keep on going. The Ivy Lee Method is a simple to-do list hack that help take action.

1) Write down no more than 6 tasks that need to be accomplished for tomorrow.
2) Prioritize the list in terms of importance.
3) Do not work on #2 until #1 is complete.
4) Push any unfinished tasks from the list to tomorrow
5) Repeat.

Realize it is a choice

Take advantage of the power of choice. Thinking that you “HAVE” to carry out your idea can weaken your motivation. Acknowledge that there is a choice and you CHOOSE to follow through. This will make you feel empowered about your decisions and stay motivated.

Bringing your ideas to reality is a wonderful experience. Try not to get too serious about the outcome and enjoy the journey.