First Forum of Fall 2017!

In All, Updates by Erin Stephan

To kick off the semester, our first forum was all about creativity. We played a modified version of Family Feud where the funniest answer wins the point. Two teams were formed, three judges were selected, and the game began. Both teams fought hard and the game came to a tie. To break that tie, the final challenge was announced. Each team was given 5 minutes to improvise a “Got Milk” commercial and the timer started. Both teams started at a standstill, trying to think of the most funny and the most creative version of a commercial, but soon enough came to a consensus and practiced their performance. The time came to present to the judges and Team 2 begins and puts on a skit. Next, team 1 steps up to the front and preforms a modified version of “A Thousand Miles.” After much deliberation, two judges pick the skit and one judge picks the song BUT Mauricio, the “host” of the game show also picks the song. The game is back to a tie and a game of rock, paper, scissors is played to break the tie once and for all. Team 2 takes the win.