Apexer Stuff

Apexer Projects

These are just some side projects that our members are working on. We wanted to highlight them because they show the true talent of the members of Apex.

Horseback Riding

Jessica teaches competitive horseback riding to young ones and also has a photography business on the side. You can see more at jfanphotography.com

Soul Intent

Soul Intent is the brain child of Zach Hughes. Zach describes Soul Intent as if “Lord of the Rings, Marvel, and Star Wars had a baby.”


Kendall has been an art aficionado since a young age drawing, painting, and filming. Her site paxicara.com showcases more of her art.

Come Pet Him

Jake and Archer are an inseparable pair. Archer is an emotional support animal that has helped Jake help others struggling with mental stigmas and emotional issues.


Cameron has been working with BeeHex to bring 3D printed pizza to everyone’s table.


Yes, the tiger was hand drawn and colored by Adilene.

Tru Peek

Tyllen is working on a mobile application similar to Yelp, but designed entirely with user generated pictures.


You can find his channel here Swerlhurder8.

Art Galore

Andrea has recently re-dove into her artwork. You can see more of her artwork here: Enlighten My Dream


Lucas is building a mobile application called Ryze | The Personal Relationship Manager (PRM). Check out the website ryzeapp.co and get the beta yourself too!

Day Trading

Roberto, broke as all hell, decided that he wanted to reverse his position in life. He decided to learn day trading, and, as luck would have it, he was actually pretty good at it.